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Rincón de la Vieja National Park, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Hotel Hacienda Guachipelin was established in 1985 / Mobile Version here!

Hacienda Guachipelin: US or Canada Call Toll Free 1-888-730-3840

The National Park is closed on Mondays, however our tours operate daily!!

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Environmental Practices

The origin of this company as many of the agricultural enterprises in Costa Rica, began to deforestation for pasture to feed cattle. Over the years, thanks to an initiative by the state and partly reforested part was preserved in some forest, leaving a part also some pastures.
In 1988, the tourism declaration was obtained and thereby marked the beginning of tourism activity on the property. About 5 years ago the company became interested in the topic of sustainability. This was due, on the one hand by a concern for homeowners Guachipelin make something enduring in time, and on the other hand the concern of travelers sightseeing in places that were responsible and sustainable.
This has led us down the path of defining ourselves as the first company, who we are and where we are going, and how we do with social, environmental and business. Currently the company has its second certification and is pointing to the third period of certification. The first time the company received level 1. In the second period received level 2. In the third period we hope to get level 4.

Definition of Sustainability

Sustainable tourism development should be seen as the balanced interaction in the proper use of our natural and cultural resources, improving the quality of life of local communities and the economic success of the activity, which also contribute to national development.
Sustainable tourism not only a response to the demand, but a prerequisite to successfully compete now and in the future.
This means that: without compromising the right of future generations to meet their needs, should meet the needs of this generation in which we live. We can not rely on excessive exploitation of our resources to do what we do.
Why the Certification for Sustainable Tourism CST?
The purpose of the CST certified Costa Rican Institute of Tourism ICT, is assuring tourists, companies that have the seal CST are companies that turned the concept of sustainability into something real and practical within the tourism industry . Certified companies in the ICT CST, are companies seeking to improve the way it uses the natural and social resources that encourage the participation of local communities and to improve the competitiveness of the business sector. This opens new markets and keeps us current with the demands of today's markets.
On the side of the environment around us, we are more friendly. We use best practices. We are constantly trying to use products more environmentally friendly and reuse as much as possible, recycle everything that is recyclable and can minimize energy consumption and water. In addition, the company is implementing the policy of doing business with companies that have the same philosophy.
In the purely business, the implementation of sustainability practices have brought benefits. Seeing different ways of doing things, to reduce waste, to use products responsibly. About all that has more impact is the fact the documentation and traceability. Being all registered is greatly facilitated control of critical points.

Among the highlights of the company today, the company has:

1. bio-digester for sewage

2. Product collection center for recycling

3. solar hot water to the shower

4. inclusive policies for hiring people over 45 years

5. preferential procurement policies for residents of Canton

6. participation of socially marginalized groups in the attractions of the company

7. clear policies for the preservation of the culture of Guanacaste sabanero

8. promoting the conservation of traditional Guanacaste.

Hacienda Guachipelin is a company 100% Costa Rican capital.

Mission and Vision


To provide the domestic and foreign tourists, the chance to feel the nature, enjoy the adventure and experience the local traditions by a professional, innovative and committed to quality services, environmental, social and corporate.


To be the leader in the industry of ecotourism and adventure in the country, defending the traditions and culture within a sustainable environment.


1. Respect: To provide a fair and sympathetic towards oneself, to others and to the environment, seeking common harmony.

2. Solidarity: To recognize members of a social body in which mutually depend on each other to achieve our goals.

3. discipline:

4. Honesty: Act with transparency both in the personal and in our daily work, being consistent with our principles and values.

5. Responsibility: Responding adequately to our obligations, what is entrusted to us, to the needs of the community, protecting the environment and the divine.

6. Tolerance: accepting people as they are, recognizing the dignity of every human being is above all our differences.

7. Commitment: Linking individual efforts to meet the goals that lead to the collective welfare.

8. Equality: Recognising our natural differences, cultural and social, allowing us to reduce distance and forge paths of dialogue and cooperation.


More information on the sustainability program

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